Dream (illustration from Slow Down World)

Dream (illustration from Slow Down World)

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A limited edition print from Tai Snaith's most recent story book 'Slow Down, World'.

Published by Thames and Hudson, Slow Down, World is the much anticipated third book from the author of the highly successful The Family Hour in Australia, Tai Snaith; a timely reminder for children and adults alike to slow down, stop and appreciate the world around us.

From a fast-paced metropolis to the greener, magical places of a young girl’s imagination, Slow Down, World is a whimsical journey towards mindfulness. Charmingly illustrated and written from the heart, Tai Snaith captures the beauty of the slower things in life. Meet Tai and learn about her process though this visually stunning children’s book using clay as her medium to create the characters and scenery. By using clay it reminded Tai herself to slow down and be in the moment.

Limited Edition of: 50

Dimensions: 210mm x 297mm

Print Medium: Giclee

Paper: Acid Free Archival