Apprehension & Wonder

Apprehension & Wonder

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A proportion of all sales go to the Happyland Project.

Limited Edition of: 40

Dimensions: 420mm x 597mm

Print Medium: Hand Embellished Giclee 

Paper: Hahnemuhle William Turner

The Happyland project team (Kaff-eine, Geric Cruz, Geloy Concepcion, Marti Salva + Emily Cheesman) will build on their ongoing relationship with the garbage-picking and charcoal-making communities in Baseco Compound and Happyland in 2016.
Happyland will use the processes and outcomes of creating, installing, documenting, exhibiting and selling exceptional contemporary art to build artistic relationships across countries, foster surprising connections, and invest much-needed resources in Manila’s most impoverished slum communities.  
The team will partner with the dumpsite communities to identify local Filipino heroes, who will have portraits painted by Kaff-eine. These artworks will be printed onto large industrial–scale tarpaulins, a practical form of mobile, weatherproof housing used by these communities.
These printed tarpaulins will be installed in partnership with the communities in eye-catching positions, as much-needed housing. The process will be professionally photographed and filmed, after which the tarpaulins will be gifted to the communities to use or sell as they wish. The original portraits, photographs of the installation, and an accompanying documentary will be exhibited Melbourne and Manila in 2016, creating a platform for further connections and community investment.

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