Medium: Screen print
Paper: Buffalo Kraft, Natural, 80gsm
SIZE: 500 X 750mm
Ink Colour: Black

About Annie Davidson;

Annie Davidson is a Melbourne-based freelance illustrator whose naïve and quirky drawings - filled with meticulous patterns and fine touches of detail - are popping up various places worldwide, from packaging and textiles to kid’s picture books and window displays. 

Terrariums, cacti, dinosaurs, bonsai and imaginary nomadic creatures called ‘the travelling whimsies’ are common features in her drawings. Her inspirations include Japanese woodblock prints, botanical illustrations, quirky picture books, and travelling to new places.

About Zoe Foundation;

ZOE Foundation Australia deploys anti-trafficking prevention measures; rescues and restores children; provides comprehensive care for orphans; trains leaders; and empowers survivors and communities.

ZOE’s holistic approach aims to:

    1. Work collaboratively to free children who are enslaved.
    2. Rehabilitate child trafficking survivors.
    3. Deploy targeted anti-trafficking programs that increase awareness.
    4. Care for orphans and other children who have been victims of abuse or at risk of abuse.
    5. Educate leaders and communities to break the cycle of vulnerability.

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