Wrap For Good

We've joined forces with 3 local artists in our inaugural ‘Wrap for Good’ initiative. Each artist has donated their time and talent to create 3 unique illustrations that  feature on limited edition screen-printed gift-wrap this December.

100% of all proceeds will go the artist’s nominated charitable organisation: Annie Davidson (Zoe Foundation), Dawn Tan (beyondblue) and Marian Machismo (Wildlife Victoria).

The limited edition screen-printed gift-wrap is available for $4 per sheet in Signed & Numbered prints shops (located at 153 Greville Street, Prahran, 3181 and 7a Degraves Street, Melbourne 3000) as well as online from 1st December.

The ‘Wrap for Good’ initiative would not be possible without principle sponsors K.W. Doggett Fine Paper and Young Gods printing at Work-Shop.

About Annie Davidson;

Annie Davidson is a Melbourne-based freelance illustrator whose naïve and quirky drawings - filled with meticulous patterns and fine touches of detail - are popping up various places worldwide, from packaging and textiles to kid’s picture books and window displays. 

Terrariums, cacti, dinosaurs, bonsai and imaginary nomadic creatures called ‘the travelling whimsies’ are common features in her drawings. Her inspirations include Japanese woodblock prints, botanical illustrations, quirky picture books, and travelling to new places.

About Dawn Tan;

Based in Melbourne, Dawn Tan is a Singaporean-born Australian maker. With food and nature being her best inspiration, Dawn spends her days painting as well as teaching art in a cute junior school.

Over the years, Dawn's work has been featured in many notable magazines, press and sites such as Frankie Magazine, Smith Journal, Hooray Magazine, Inside Out Magazine, The Age, Herald Sun, The Design Files, A Cup of Jo and so on.

Apart from freelancing, Dawn also hosts regular watercolour workshops throughout the year.

About Marian Machismo;

Marian Machismo believes that ghosts exist and that 90s pop songs will outlive us all. She believes that a day doesn't start before the second cup of coffee and that the solution to most problems can be found by looking at the sky. She believes in the transformative nature of art and the benefits of a stiff drink to calm the nerves.

Machismo is an architect of experiences, a lover of Hip Hop, a dyslexic nerd, an avid collector, and a homeless romantic.

About Zoe Foundation;

ZOE Foundation Australia deploys anti-trafficking prevention measures; rescues and restores children; provides comprehensive care for orphans; trains leaders; and empowers survivors and communities.

ZOE’s holistic approach aims to:

    1. Work collaboratively to free children who are enslaved.
    2. Rehabilitate child trafficking survivors.
    3. Deploy targeted anti-trafficking programs that increase awareness.
    4. Care for orphans and other children who have been victims of abuse or at risk of abuse.
    5. Educate leaders and communities to break the cycle of vulnerability.

About beyondblue;

beyondblue is working to reduce the impact of depression and anxiety in the community by raising awareness and understanding, empowering people to seek help, and supporting recovery, management and resilience.

About Wildlife Victoria;

Wildlife Victoria is a charity organisation committed to reducing the suffering of wildlife by providing an emergency response service for injured, sick and orphaned wildlife across Victoria. This vital community service is supported by over 1,500 trained and experienced volunteers, other wildlife groups and generous vets.

These dedicated volunteers assess, advise, rescue, educate, treat, rehabilitate and release the animals back into the wild. In many cases saving them from certain death and giving them a new start in life. Last year Wildlife Victoria received over 70,000 calls for help, assisting 40,123 animals and offering guidance and advice to the community on how to handle a given wildlife situation.

Wildlife Victoria currently receives no government funding and operates on the generosity of donors who love and cherish our wildlife.