My name is Boo, I am a Sydney based stencil artist and I have for many years now, in spite of my honours degree in fine art, been putting my art up in the street.

I fell in love with the stencil making process over ten years ago and have been working hard ever since to refine my skills. I don't use a computer to separate my colour layers nor do I use a lazer-cut print out, my stencils are always manually cut and sprayed, with a steady hand and a keen eye.

My work is about a lot of things. It is almost always about gender. Specifically what masculinity and femininity might mean now and what they have meant for other cultures and eras. It’s about questioning the male gaze, about pop culture and ultimately about a state of play for me as an artist. Strong female representations throughout history have become central to my work of late as are the ideas surrounding beauty.