The Adventures Of

South Sydney

Our Story: Or, a little about the adventures of Amanda and Benjamin. If you’d known Amanda as a little girl, you’d know one of her favourite things was holding paper right up close to her face - drinking in the scent and rubbing the texture over her skin. She admits she is still a little obsessed with all things paper. Amanda is the artistic force behind The Adventures Of, a talented graphic designer and illustrator, with an extensive portfolio.

The Adventures Of is her creative experiment, a place where her imagination can run wild. If The Adventures Of were a sailing ship, Amanda would be standing on the bow, excitedly charting new waters.

Benjamin is the rudder to the ship: he takes care of business. Calm and steady, a carpenter by trade, he is good with his hands and particular about details. He was born with an adventurer's heart - as a boy you'd find Benjamin outside, barefoot. Climbing trees, building fires, coming home with splintered hands and grazed knees.
Together, we make a good crew.

Together, we are The Adventures Of.