The work is powerful, made even more so by the monochrome grisaille palette punctuated by the touches of colour that fly out and grab the attention... his work puts a human face to graffiti while emphasising a sense of ‘the loneliness of the long-distance’ street artist and the necessary for anonymity. -Sandy Potting

From a young age I have had a fascination with Renaissance Art, in particular the techniques used to make it. As a teen I was introduced to egg tempera and techniques such as scumbling, sfumato and scraffito. It was the ability to capture and manipulate light when using these techniques that fascinated me. Chiaroscuro, another Renaissance term meaning the use of strong contrast between light and dark has become the focus of recent works as a result of developing these techniques.

Equal to my fascination with Renaissance art is my fascination with street art and the plight of the graffiti artist.  My new work is an attempt to combine these interests, painting techniques from Renaissance art with the subject of the graffiti artist.  For many artists their art making process takes place in the privacy of a studio, for the streets artist it is different they are almost bound to the street and to the walls found on the street.  I have emphasised this by using the street as a back drop in much of my recent work.

Although the graffiti artist is my muse my obsession is light. My intention is to imply there is a direct light source illuminating the subject, this is often a street lamp. The Light softly falls over the subject enhancing the folds in cloth and in turn dramatically creating shadows that connect the subject to the space they have been captured in.X