Sean McDowell is an emerging abstract artist, who currently practices in Melbourne, Australia. His work consists mainly of shape, colour, line and form, which are manipulated in order to evoke certain moods from within the viewer. The artist’s work has been largely inspired by his modern architectural surroundings as well as the urban environment. McDowell has experimented with a variety of art forms including sculpture; painting, printmaking, collage, installation and wood assemblage. The artist commonly uses materials including wood, aerosols, acrylic and oil paint, as well as other found objects. He creates his artwork mainly through improvisation, whereby he is able to explore a broad range of possible outcomes throughout the process.

The two series of collagraph prints have been created from individual cardboard plates. The artist has cut patterns into the material and peeled back the surface, in order to establish a number of layers. Each shape has then been arranged, overlapped and then glued onto the plate. The process also involved the use of block ink and a printing press, which was used to transfer the imagery onto paper. Each print has then been finished using a combination of aerosol and acrylic paint, which required using hand tools such as a scraper, sponge and paint brush. Although the prints appear to be non-objective, they make reference to modern architecture. Other movements such as Geometric Abstraction and Suprematism have also contributed to the establishment of his overall style.