Hi, I’m Olivia York, a Melbourne-based artist and designer, who with the help of my chubby, puppy associate Pudding, creates fanciful watercolour illustrations. I hope to brighten a couple of cloudy Melbourne days with a range of giclee prints, which imagine our favourite Aussie critters as locals. From tram travelling emus to koalas reading The Age, I hope to encourage a life less serious, with illustrations embracing the charm of the naive.

I grew up on a farm in country Victoria, before moving to Melbourne. So when it came to deciding on a subject matter, it made sense to marry my favourite native animals with city culture. Who wouldn’t want to sit with a wombat on your morning commute, rather than a banker with hay fever? Or wait in line at a café behind a Koala, rather than six hipsters with orders more complicated than the plot of the novel they’re working on?

Hand illustrated and printed here in Melbourne, my illustrations are as Australian as a Koala snacking on a jar of Vegemite, which incidentally features in one of my prints!