Marianna Marx

Marianna has been drawing or “making things” (as her 5 year old self would say) for as long as she can remember. Her earliest introduction to stories have played an influential role in the drawings she creates till this day. Picture books including Where the Wild Things Are, lyrics from folk songs as well as stories from her parent’s endless travels have led Marianna’s mind to wander into places where absolutely anything is possible. This is why perhaps the idea of coming across an echidna made from umbrellas or a giant nest made from pencils seem like an entirely plausible situation to find herself in.

Marianna predominantly works with pencil and watercolour paints. Tiny fragments from her enormous collection of vintage books and travel brochures often weave their way in to her drawings, adding to the sense of escapism or journey to an imaginary world or fantastical situation. Her ideas come from a range of places and often find her at very inconvenient times; most often just before she is about to fall asleep. She is inspired by an all sorts of things including the places that she has travelled to, her fascination for nature and the changing seasons, patterns and music. Marianna also draws inspiration from the children she teaches in her art classes, who are some of her most honest and insightful critics and her first port of call when stuck on a particular drawing.

Through her drawings Marianna hopes to hint at a narrative without giving away the whole story. She hopes that imagination of people who view her artwork is temporarily sparked to escape in to another time or place.