Lucy is a French artist from Paris, living in Melbourne. Her art sways between painting murals, creating ornament and daydream clothing as well as illustrating books. Her work explores femininity depicting elegant and intricately dressed women. She plays with the overlapping shapes, curves, patterns and forms.

Active member of the AWOL crew, one of the leading crew in Australia Lucy Lucy’s work has been featured in the National gallery of Victoria, and her art can be found in London, Paris, Toronto, Sydney and Melbourne.

As a live painter Lucy Lucy has been involved in the magic of some internationally known festivals such as Rainbow Serpent and Strawberry field for the last 2 years, Let them eat cake 2014 and Courts dans l’herbe back in 2008 (France).

Lucy Lucy collaborated in the past with a few other artists such as Robyn Latham to celebrate NAIDOC at Blakdot gallery, Kaff-Eine in France and in Australia and with the British artist Hannah Adamaszeck in London as part of the Global street art project.

As an illustrator, she recently put into colors the story of Nancy Wake through the children book “Fighting for freedom”, reinforcing her willingness to show that women are not only beautiful but also bold and strong.X