Lizzy Anderson / SYDNEY

I never really decided to draw in a particular style, it’s just what comes out. It started as a creative outlet for the nerdy things I am into. I illustrate mostly portraits of people I wish I was related to, or that have inspired my daydreams.

The way I see art relates mostly to the artist Mirka Mora. She said ‘Your art is your art - never dilute yourself, I don’t choose the ideas, they choose me. I don’t wait for them. They come without my permission’. This quote really resonates with me. It was actually the quote that gave me the push to start sharing my illustrations. I always had a different way of approaching things, so it was nice to hear it wasn’t actually all that different.

I’m inspired by a mixture of things; fashion, art, atmosphere, people and music. Music was always a bit of a sanctuary to me, you can play or listen to a song and it takes you somewhere, so many different layers that feed your own creativity.  I guess I like to make sure I look at everything. See the shadows, the highlights, how colour interacts, the energy in a pose, character in movements. It’s everywhere, all the time.