Kaff-eine has been drawing on paper and walls since she was a toddler, when her supportive folks allowed her to create characters on the walls of her childhood home. Kaff-eine, now all grown up, still draws on walls and paper, although she prefers materials and canvasses different to those of her early years.

Kaff-eine works with pigment ink, natural ochres and pigments, watercolour and enamel paint, creating characters that adorn gallery spaces, furniture, laneways, house interiors and exteriors, abandoned objects and forgotten places.

From delicate portraits to bold murals, Kaff-eine’s characters portray melancholia, ennui, joys of discovery and incidences of wonder, malaise, euphoric and sanguine moments, big events and little happenings, and personal and political stories.

In the future Kaff-eine hopes to collaborate with her favourite artists, discover more beautiful spaces in which to place art, and create many more works for public and private audiences.