Jenny Liz

Working as an illustrator is like winning the job lottery. As soon as I wake up in the morning I get to go to work in my granny panties.I get away with having a messy and chaotic work space. I get to have paint stained finger nails, and drink entirely too much coffee. I get to hang with my cats all day. I get to flip through the latest fashion mag or scroll down my tumblr news feed for a good dose of inspiration. I get to be creative.

My images are of girls. I cut and paste figures together from my own photographs, and found images.
An arm here, a leg there. My girls come together like the bride of frankenstein. Once I have a new body all sewn together, I get to dress it up with water-colours , pencil crayons and pens, before completing the image with a digital layering process. Most of the fashions that I present are made to satisfy my own
curiosity with the boundaries of attire.

Taking inspiration from wildlife and the female form, I strive to create surreal and dynamic fashion images.