Caroline Morin

Caroline Morin is a French  illustrator and photographer born in 1983 in Brittany. With three brothers & sisters and countless meowing cats, she grew up in a very lively (who said noisy ?) home. Looking for calm and peace, she lost herself in illustration and found a vocation.

After graduating in graphic design, she left her native land Brittany for Paris where - pushed by the need of having what society would consider « a real job » - she worked as a designer for a publishing company. Three years later, she realized that she was missing drawing as much as great spaces.

So Caroline started to draw again seriously, developing photography skills in the same time, and left the greyness of Paris for the Australian immensity. This is where she exposed her artworks for the first time, showing a poetic feminine universe where realism melts with refined abstract lines. Her interplay of lights and shadows and the evasive attitude of her characters convey a subtle melancholy. The positive feedback of her work led her to pursue and develop her style.

Back to the French west coast, she now on lives in Nantes where she mainly draws for international press (Nylon Magazine, Conde Nast, Stylist Magazine, Paulette Magazine, Philosophie Magazine, WAD Magazine) but also for the fashion industry (Comptoir des Cotonniers, Promostyl Paris)

She keeps on developing her full universe of young ethereal women’s portraits and delicate flowing hair, leading the observer in a world where beauty meets strangeness. Lately she has started to brighten her black and white signature style of negative space and clean lines with subtle touches of colors. She cites the work of early twentieth century art-deco French artist Alphonse Mucha as one of her inspirations, with his work on women’s hair and soft colors.

Caroline also leads a photograph career, working with interior designers and ads agencies. Looking at her photographs and seeing the softness that evaporates and what seems like an innate ability to capture light, the parallel between her illustration and photography work is obvious.

Finally, like many of her peers, when she is not busy at work, Caroline is in awe of her fluffy cat named Hobbes (yes, after Bill Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes).