©alm woke up from a suburban slumber a few years ago. The day to day was grinding him down. His life had lost some colour and he had lost his voice.

©alm woke up. He realised he had something to say. He sprayed stencilled pictures onto paper about events or issues that took his interest. He filled his backpack, and quietly went about pasting the walls of Melbourne. He started to trade with other artists and his pictures travelled around Australia and overseas.

Adding to the coloured laneways of Melbourne brought new friends and new adventures. New opportunities arose to contribute to  making a difference by regularly donating pictures for fundraising of community projects . He  also travelled to Alice Springs with the great people from the Moringa Project (formerly Traditional Healthcare.
Check them out!) to take part in art workshops with local kids. A DIY art and stencil workshop with Amnesty International's ARTillery festival is next.

©alm woke up. He would be happy for you to join him along the way.

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