Brent Rosenberg


Brent Rosenberg is a Graphic Designer based in Melbourne. His Graphic Design
company Paw Project Design was established in 2012 and subsequently opened new doors for Brent as he began to create and establish himself as an artist.

Nationally exhibited throughout Melbourne and Sydney, Brent’s latest collection features contemporary digital artworks combining geometric shapes and contrasting colours.

Brent’s work has been created with an intricate and unexpected use of an organic form, filled by sharp geometric shapes lending an almost mathematical philosophy to the works, which have been merged into digital and organic content.

Brent’s aim is to create artworks that fit perfectly into any home or creative space - unique geometric based prints come to life and have been transformed from two-dimensional format into an illusion of three-dimensional pieces of artwork.

“The beauty of my art is in the detail, from afar they look very different in contrast to up close, it’s a simple concept that makes for a complex outcome.”