Cat Rabbit's TREAT SHOP

Cat Rabbit. By Jacqui Vidal ()

We are proud to announce that the Cat Rabbit Treat Shop is officially open at Signed & Numbered Greville Street!

Craft extraordinaire Cat Rabbit has been busy creating a very special treat for our Greville Street print shop customers. She has taken over our display cabinet and opened up her very own little 'Treat Shop', featuring a selection of felt and enamel goodness. Only open at Greville Street!

Peach Pal Pins | $10
Peach Charm | $17
Pineapple Brooch | $35
Ice Cream Brooch | $35
Avocado Charm | $17
Egg Charm | $17
Egg Kitten Patch | $10
Tofu Charm | $17
Umeboshi Charm $17

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