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For all our S&N fans that have already signed up to our e-newsletter, you would already know about the amazing new prints by Kaff-Eine. We are absolutely chuffed to have not 1 but 6 limited edition Kaff-Eine prints. This is the first time that Kaff (as we like to call her) has produced prints and boy did she do a good job. A lot of effort went into each print, with 3 of the 6 editions available hand-finished. That’s right folks – even though you’d be buying a limited edition print, each one is totally unique.

A little inside information on how the above Kaff-Eine Flying Fox print was created. First the paper was selected. After careful consideration a heavy 355GSM Starwhite Smooth Paper was chosen for its “warm” tone and ability to cross mediums from a digital paper to a water-colour paper. The black outline of the fox was printed using a giclee printer and giclee inks, then each one was hand water-coloured leading to colour and shade differentials between each of the 10 prints in the edition.  Each Flying Fox print is utterly unique and authentic.

Below is another hand finished Kaff-Eine print. Howling on the Inside is a poignant drawing that will hold a different meaning for each viewer; evoking personal emotions and responses.  9 to 11 extra pigment ink and watercolour leaves are hand drawn and scattered throughout the swirling leaves. The placement of the leaves is different on each individual print within the edition.

If you would like to see more of Kaff-Eine’s beautiful creations visit her blog and Flikr site.

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