Kareena Zerefos has been part of our stable of artists since we opened. Her beautiful From the Menagerie Series of works are much admired for their fragile nature and ‘where the wild things are’ vibe.

We’re always keen to peek behind the scenes into artist studios. As we’ve just released the new print in the series – ‘From the Menagerie V’, we thought we’d share these images with you, work in progress shots of the original work (above and below) – so beautiful… sigh….

Adding further insight into Kareena’s process are these images of the new In the Shadows Series of hand pulled screen prints.

How interesting to see how an artist works, the steps they go through from the initial concept, to draft sketches, to the final outcome – and everything in between!

You really have to see these hand pulled screen prints to appreciate them. Not only are they massive (500 x 700mm) but their beautiful imagery is set off by the dark charcoal and warm tones used. We’ve even created a special corner in the gallery to showcase them.

Fingers crossed that we’ll have some new smaller format prints by Kareena by early November, including a collaborative piece by Kareena and the very talented Mia Taninaka.

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