Crushed but not Destroyed

Andrew Frazer, bird, limited edition print, Uncategorized. By S&N ()

A couple of months ago artist Andrew Frazer got in touch with us, introducing us to his unique illustration style. We now have the pleasure of stocking 3 of his beautiful hand coloured prints. Each print is in a tiny edition of 5 for a very reasonable $65 each and can be viewed here.

He’s recently completed an original work, Crushed but not Destroyed, which he is selling on Etsy. 30% of the proceeds of the sale will be donated to charity (image above and details below).

A simple message to the lost wanderer to say that you have not been forgotten. For those who have become weary and beaten down by broken hopes and dreams. Please know that the journey is still worth pursuing, stumbling through and rediscovering. Don’t give up.

30% from the sale of this original illustration will contribute directly to:
International Justice Mission (


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