Email Gems + NEW ACORN SCREEN PRINT November 10 2011

I don’t know about you but i really enjoy the first 15 minutes of my workday. Coffee in hand, trawling through my emails, it’s a nice way to start the morning. You never know what little gems have been sent to your inbox overnight, like this one:

Dear Signed and Numbered Crew,
Upon visiting Melbourne for only two nights, on the way back from NZ, we stumbled upon your gorgeous shop (it was closed!). I was blown away by the inspiring illustrations. My boyfriend couldn’t pull me away; I might have left a few grubby paw prints on your window! Thank-you for the inspiring shop ( even if only through the window!)
Best wishes and please put me on your mailing list. Who knows:,I might like to order something  from one of the talented artists and get it couriered to Cape Town. 

What a brilliant start to my day!

So you can image how thrilled i was to receive this email from Melbourne artist Miso the very same day:

I found about 10 archived screenprints by Acorn in my studio.
They’re from an old sold-out edition from maybe 3 years ago, and they’re really beautiful, a2 size, single layer.

it’s this image:

I spoke to him, and he’s really keen to maybe drop them off to you.
Would you be into it?

As you could imagine, my answer went along the lines of ‘Hell Yeah!’. 2 of the 10 are extra special artist proofs (which just makes me giddy).

Burghham (below) is now in-store and online. It’s MASSIVE by the way, much larger than A2, although we don’t mind a bit. Full info including dimensions, paper etc for all of Acorn’s works, including Burgham here.