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I was amazed to see this image of a Vexta stencil on the side of a massive shipping container. This recent work is part of Outpost Project, a free street art event on Cockatoo Island. If you’re Sydney based or planning a visit before the 11th December be sure to check it out.

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Cockatoo Island’s vast abandoned factories and intriguing forgotten alleyways are the perfect backdrop for projects showcasing the energy and diversity of Street Art. With OUTPOST PROJECT, visitors will be able to see a huge range of Street Art in one location. And because of its dynamic and live nature, the art will change and evolve, giving visitors something different to see throughout the course of the festival.

We’re proud to present an event of this scale, the first of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere, demonstrating Australia’s leading role in the Street Art movement. Our ongoing partnership with the Biennale, the Redbull X-Fighters in September and more recently the establishment of the Cockatoo Island Film Festival in 2012 is proof the World Heritage listed Cockatoo Island is the perfect backdrop for Sydney’s most cultural events.

Cockatoo Island continues to deliver Sydney-siders and tourists a diverse range of unique things to do from the recently relaunched Island Bar made from shipping containers, to our canteen kiosk, and the world’s first waterfront campground. Check out our unique spaces if you want to lease a space for your business or hire a venue space for a corporate or private function. Visit the information centre or talk to one of our volunteer guides to find out more.

4 new works by Vexta, 3 of which are hand finished with one or more stencil layers, are available exclusively at Signed & Numbered. Click HERE to view.

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