Kareena Zerefos Interview

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Checked out this month’s Yen Mag yet? If you’ve picked up a copy you would have seen the double spread on S&N artist Kareena Zerefos. Issue 53 is on sale now and features Florence and the Machine on the cover. So we thought it was time to ask the tiny Miss Zerefos 10 questions of our own….

Who or what influences you the most?
I’m not sure which influences me the most, I take inspiration from so many things like my collection of old super-8 footage from my dad’s childhood in rural NSW, travel, vintage postcards and photos, children’s books… Other artists have also been quite influential, particularly Egon Schiele, I saw his figurative sketches and watercolours on a little trip to Vienna back in 2006 and that’s when I really felt inspired to draw.

Do you have any formal training?
I have a background in design, and majored in Graphics at The College of Fine Arts (UNSW), but I don’t actually have any formal ‘art’ training. At the moment I’m thinking about going back to school to do a masters of fine arts.

If you could collaborate with anyone who would it be?
Maybe  Jean-Pierre Jeunet, we could create a very peculiar and whimsical imaginary world.

Do you have a running theme with your work?
Yes, there is always an underlying theme of escapism, fragility or isolation. I try to evoke the delicate balance between isolation and companionship, and that bittersweet sense of nostalgia.

Did the place you grew up in influence your work?
To some extent. I spent my early years living in Dural, in the rural outskirts of Sydney. My childhood involved a lot of running around in paddocks with my dogs, going ‘exploring’ in the bush, riding horses, climbing trees, and being terrified of the nocturnal creatures that would keep me awake at night.

What has been your greatest achievement so far?
Probably quitting my day job to become an artist full time!

What is your preferred medium?
Pencils/graphite, gouache and ink on paper, I’ve recently been playing with copic markers too which is a lot of fun.

What are your top 5 albums on rotation at the moment?
At the moment, while I’m working, 1. Iron & Wine Our Endless Numbered Days, 2. The Church Starfish, 3.  Animal Collective Water Curses and Fall Be Kind EPs, 4. The Sisters of Mercy Floodland, 5. Doves Lost Souls

Do you collect anything? If so, what?
Oh yes! Fine bone china, old photos and postcards, art prints/screen prints.. everything else I would say I hoard, rather then collect,

If you could get on a plane right now, where would you go and why?
Tokyo, I’ve been intending to go for a long time. I’ll be getting a plane to Europe in September though, to visit family in Samos and probably the Nuit Blanche in Paris. Yay!

We’ve just introduced a beautiful selection of Kareena Zerefos open edition prints and posters online (also available in the gallery). They are all printed on 100% recycled paper or card and make perfect gifts as they are all priced $45 or under.

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