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I must admit I’m new to the whole Yelp scene. I first heard about Yelp  a couple of days ago when I was google-ing ‘Signed & Numbered’ (it’s not just people that are guilty of this, businesses can be just as vain).

Up popped some coverage I’d never seen before. We had been reviewed, not once, but twice on the website

Signed & Numbered? Reviewed? The whole thing felt like invasion of the secret shoppers.

What is Yelp?

Yelp is all about the power of word-of-mouth amplified.  Our growing online community wants to hear the real story about everything local, from you and your friends. So feel free to share your insider tips, warn others about bad experiences, and help folks who are new in town.

In the words of Charles Hardman who is  Creative Director of One Hundredth Gallery, it literally allows you to ‘check in’ like foursquare and rate like ‘urbanspoon’; it also has a community feel like twitter and facebook so in many ways integrates all of them into one neat package. Yelp is all the rage in the US and has recently been introduced in Oz after partnering with Sensis. It was great to know we received two brilliant reviews (thanks Abby E and Alex S).

Yelping is a bit contagious. Before I knew it I was yelping Hanoi Hannah, the Vietnamese restaurant where I’m meeting some friends on Monday night. Soon you’ll be yelping too.

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