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We consider Amy Howard to be an absolute find!

When she walked through our door late last year with a collection of her mixed media works we went bonkers for her quirky little portraits. As a full-time librarian, each print in the series is inspired by the people she encounters every day as well as the characters that reside in her imagination.

These characters are people I’ve met, people I’ll meet and others that you might know and I never will. These little animals want what we all want, to be connected and heard, felt and understood. They all have a story to tell, the question is, are you listening?

Each little animal invariably takes on a personality of their own, reminding viewers of work colleagues, old school friends, acquaintances and sometimes even family members!

Amy’s first 5 prints were released prior to Christmas, with just a few remaining online. Her new body of work is now available, featuring horses, elephants, a frog, walrus and koala.

Amy’s work is inspired by her love of children’s literature and the beauty of the human condition. Her finely detailed ink and collage series ‘little animal’ is both whimsical and genuine. Her small yet engaging animals look out from the page, some with arrogance, others scepticism, insecurity, joy and wonder; but above all, humanity. The artist has captured what it is to be human in the faces that are anything but.

Amy’s full range of prints can be viewed HERE.

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