Live in Brisbane or heading north soon? Don’t miss Vexta’s third solo exhibition at Edwina Corlette Gallery, New Farm.

A collection of new work examining our relationship to ourselves, evolution, the mysterious interconnectedness of all living things and the atomic particles that hold it all together…clustered… but possibly ready to shatter into a million pieces, transcend and reform into the the new… in the next world, at any moment.

Vexta has been making artworks since the mid 2000’s and is best known for her street paintings and wheat-pastes, which draw from cultural visual debris, a self-taught aesthetic and an ongoing exploration of mixed media and printmaking techniques explored through painting.

Her psychedelic, neon-drenched images are influenced by a personal symbolism and a greater urban mythology which connect the dots between the personal and the universal, our waking lives and the dreams beneath them and between an acute cultural commentary and beauty.
Vexta’s work has been shown in exhibitions across Australia and is held in numerous public & private collections, including the National Gallery of Australia, Artbank and the University of Queensland Art Museum.She frequently travels and her works can be seen on walls in Sydney, Melbourne, Paris, Berlin, London, San Francisco and Bogota.

IN-BETWEEN WORLDS is an exhibition of paintings, sculpture and installation works.

Can’t make it to Queensland? Drop by Signed & Numbered and get your Vexta fix by viewing her mural (see pic below) or browsing her limited edition prints.