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Check out this stunning flyer for Kelly Allen’s solo show at thinkspace in the States…

Kelly has been with us since the very start and over the years she has developed a cult following at S&N. In fact, her works tend to sell out so fast that she’s just completed a new series of 5 works exclusive to S&N. We couldn’t wait to share them with you so here’s a sneak peek of a few of the prints that are currently travelling over land or sea on their way to us.

For anyone unfamiliar with Kelly’s work her beautiful images look like collages but are actually paintings of delicately constructed collages. Holy shit you say?

I guess it’s true that my work is a display of my obsessive compulsions: creating, exploring, rendering, learning about nature, cultural beliefs, psychology, and metaphysical studies, and my relentless search for making ever more beautiful and curious paintings. I enjoy the counterintuitive practice of creating a collage sketch and then painstakingly… meticulously… slowly creating a painting of the collage in this digital age of shortcuts, Photoshop, and “spinning balls of death” that prod us to become ever more impatient and expectant of instant results.  I am fascinated by life and enjoy experiencing it from a removed place, as if I am watching from outside, from within. My mass-hybrid forms are symbolic expressions of the interconnectedness of all things, focused on the fantastic realms within nature. They are infused with intuition, gratitude, excitement, imagination, patience, impatience, curiosity, frustration and satisfaction. Enjoy them with your eyes and with freedom from words.

Hidden Seeking
Solo Exhibition
July 7th
Thinkspace Gallery’s Project Room
Culver City, CA

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