DOING IT FOR THE KIDS August 14 2012

In early June one of our staff members came to me with a dilemma. Her son Marley attended St Kilda Park Primary, a great little school wedged between Albert Park Lake and Fitzroy Street. On the side of the school was a HUGE black brick wall that was constantly being tagged. Being an artist herself, Nikki asked whether S&N could help put the word out and organise a mural to promote respect and prevent the wall from being tagged.

Within minutes of posting on Facebook S&N was inundated with artists wanting to donate their talent and time to the project.

Fletch from Invurt took it upon himself to co-ordinate everyone and over last Saturday and Sunday the wall was painted.

The kids at St Kilda Park Primary are stoked with the end result (their words exactly!) and it sure looks like the artists involved had plenty of kid-like fun themselves!

Above photos courtesy of Kaff-Eine

A big thank-you to St Kilda Park Primary for inspiring their kids to create by leading by example, Nikki Browne, Invurt as well as Heesco, Kaff-Eine, Unwell Bunny, Mysterious Al, Christopher Hancock, Conrad Bizjak, Facter, Pierre Erreip, Jack Douglas + Ryan Boserio.