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Market Square will be presenting a collective of amazing Melbourne based artists across a variety of mediums.

St Helier’s St Gallery will be road testing their brand new bar for the evening as well as the opening of the “Fine family living” Exhibition.

Some of what’s on offer: Collaborative window exhibition by Rona Green / Perimeter Books / The Sticky Institute / The Hungry Workshop / Trophy Wife Nail Art / Son Valise / Dumbo Feather Magazine / Sticky Fingers Bakery / Design Nani / On Stone / Kubota Fumikazu / Alison Frith Ceramics / Henrietta Walker Jewellery / Shiko Ceramics / aTwo Hills Jewellery / The Non Pareil / Turd Circus / The Art of Dev / Belinda Suzette / Dinopals / Martin Bruce / Vanessa Kelly / Chris Ingham / Eleanor Voterakis

This will be happening tomorrow evening guys so don’t miss this great opportunity!

Checkout the Facebook event page for more details.

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