UNDERCOVER: Marc Alperstein Exhibition

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The Nicholas building is one of my favorite buildings in Melbourne. Not only is it a beautiful building in its own right, but once through the entrance you could spend days discovering all the unique businesses and studios that call this Melbourne landmark home.

Blindside is one of those; a gallery that always captures ones imagination. Opening tonight is Undercover, an exhibition by Marc Alperstein.

This new body of work investigates the properties of depicting form and space and the ways in which we read implied forms and objects around us. Undercover presents a series of paintings that are created through a process of covering a range of objects with patterned material. The pattern is extracted and isolated to create a new form as the basis of the work. While the works reference the original object the intent is to create something new that is both familiar and elusive.

BLINDSIDE, Level 7, Room 14, Nicholas Building, 37 Swanston Street, Melbourne 3000.

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