LAND OF SUNSHINE November 16 2012

Last night was the official launch of Land of Sunshine: A Snapshot of Melbourne Art 2010 -2012.

It was one hell of a night, with the Fitzroy launch venue turned into one big canvas, featuring murals by Kaff-Eine (pictured below), Factor, Heesco, Lucy Lucy (pictured below), Jack Douglas and numerous other Melbourne street-artists.

For the past two years Dean Sunshine has embarked on a passionate mission to capture the vibrancy and beauty of street art across Melbourne.

With a long association with graffiti and street art, Sunshine has witnessed countless works in action, discovered hidden gems and documented artwork loved by street art communities and dedicated fans both locally and around the world.

Over a hundred Melbourne artists are featured, with special exposes on a dozen specific artists who have made their impressions on Melbourne’s walls, including Adnate, Be Free, CDH, Deb, Drab, Heesco, Kaff-Eine, Makatron, Pheonix the street artist, Slicer, Suki and Urban Cake Lady.

Land of Sunshine is available to purchase in-store at Signed & Numbered or online through Dean’s Blog.