maninyourlife   1. Kirpy (MEL), MELBOURNE POST BOX, 297mm x 420mm, STENCIL, $150 2. Clare Toms (MEXICO & MEL) PARA SIEMPRE, 297mm x 420mm, GICLEE, $90 3. Heesco (MONGOLIA & MEL), SUPERHERO TRYPTICH, 225mm x 467mm, GICLEE, $130 4. 23rd Key (MEL), TOYS WILL BE TOYS – RED, 380mm x 510mm, MULTI-LAYER STENCIL, $180 5. Kaitlin Beckett (MEL), SWISS ARMY SEAHORSE, 210mm x 297mm, GICLEE, $75 6. Dean Sunshine’s ‘LAND OF SUNSHINE a Snapshot of Melbourne Street Art’ book, available in store, $50 7. Signed & Numbered GIFT VOUCHERS *Compiled by super-intern Zoe

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