Late in 2013, VEXTA headed to Mexico City as part of her ongoing, global Neon Tour adventure. Her original travels there in 2012 had left her with an insatiable desire to return to paint a multi-story piece in the centre of the creative neighbourhood of Mexico city, Condesa / Roma. We would like to share with you how this homage to the mesmerizing shapes and intense energy of the city and its’ people unfolded.



To commemorate her travels Vexta has created a limited edition print titled “Death / Life”. Available to purchase exclusively through S&N, “Death / Life” is the culmination of Vexta pushing different directions when it comes to print making. It celebrates and explores the expressive anomalies you can find in hand prints. Made using stencils, spray paint, brushes and templates, each one is radically different and uses Mexican fine art paper as its canvas.

“Death / Life”
$360 or $510 framed
Edition of 25
500mm x 325mm


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