Since relocating to Brooklyn (New York) Vexta has been busy doing what she does best – creating amazing neon colour bursts in her studio and on the street.

Now Vexta’s Juxtapoz x Converse Wall video is  live online. This has to be one of the most impressive Vexta murals I’ve seen and it’s interesting to hear her speak about the inspiration behind this feathered boy (reminiscent of an original Vexta artwork and print titled ‘Uprising’ – sorry guys – this print sold out years ago!).


We still have a few Death/Life prints available. You can read more about this print release HERE and purchase one HERE.


 A recent New York Times interview ‘The Writing is on the Wall’ highlights the rise and rise of female street artists like Vexta –
The prominent women of the international street art scene — like Fafi, Miss Van, Olek, Maya Hayuk, Faith47, Swoon, Bambi, Sheryo, Vexta and Elle — have shown that claiming a corner of public space is a subversive, rebellious act. Elle bucks against the inane, repetitive stereotyping she sees in advertising signboards, and instead depicts “strong, powerful, beautiful women.” “I got into graffiti because I saw so many men scrawling on the streets and putting up what they wanted to see,” she said. “I wanted to be protected by large warrior women as I walked down the street.”
It’s a recurrent theme. Indie, a mother of three, says she wants to paint women with “strength and courage,” like her mother, who brought her up on her own. Vexta, too, says she wants to create images that show the women she knows — “powerful, strong and free individuals,” not the lame, inert creatures on billboards. Curators and exhibition organizers can be tokenistic, she says, but “in street art we can just take the streets. And that is what we do.”
The article is an insightful look into female street artists and deserves to be read in full HERE