By Jacqui Vidal ()

Help Kaff-eine and her cheeseagle collective raise at least $30k to complete their special Happyland art installation + housing project in Manila’s dumpsite slums!

A stellar collection of street artists are supporting Kaff-eine + the Happyland project by donating artwork as rewards for our Pozible campaign, so we’re launching the campaign on 1st April with a SUPER GROUP EXHIBITION! The Pozible launch exhibition includes art by:
• Adnate
• Rone
• Miso
• Swoon
• Vexta
• Lister
• Ghostpatrol
• Lucy Lucy
• Makatron
• HaHa
• Will Coles
• Buff Diss
• Merda
• Penny Byrne
• Kaff-eine

Prices start at $150, so pledge early to secure artwork by your favourite street artist.

But wait, there’s more! In addition to the artwork, you can select from a wonderful range of other rewards for your Pozible donation, including:
• Custom leatherwork vouchers
• Tattoo session vouchers
• Private ‘trampolining with goats’ sessions
• Kaff-eine custom pet portraits
• Melbourne street art tour vouchers
• Crumpler ‘Tondo’ bags
• Parkour/personal training sessions
• Snow machine packages
• Kaff-eine custom mural sessions
• Lido cinema vouchers
• Vouchers to Vegie Bar, Chin Chin, Transformer, Hawker Hall, Rice Queen (with karaoke)

You can also choose + directly sponsor one of the 30 art tarpaulins, which Kaff-eine + crew will install in Manila’s slum communities as much-needed housing. ALL ART TARP SPONSORSHIPS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE! Art tarp sponsorship will be available through the Australian Cultural Fund (ACF) and Creative Partnerships Australia MATCH funding, so if we raise at least $8000 for the art tarps, MATCH will donate $8000, doubling your contribution. Art tarp sponsorship starts from $300; more details will be available soon.

Join us on 1 April at 6pm to celebrate the Pozible + ACF crowdfunding launches; come + see the full range of rewards on offer; pledge to support the Happyland project + secure some incredible art or other rewards; + sponsor an art tarp. Drinks are on us!

Exhibition will also be open Saturday 2 April 10am-5pm, and Sunday 3 April 10am-5pm.

More information about the Happyland project is at

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